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About Us

     Heagy’s Orchard is a fruit farm developed and designed by the Heagy Family.  We are a family & faith-based Apple, Peach, & Pear Orchard.  The Heagy’s began the Orchard in 2011, planting the very first Apple and Peach trees. We have been selling our crop since 2013, when our Peach & Apple trees delivered us an abundance of fruit!  We are very thrilled for what is to come in our future years!

     Your Orchard visits are the beginning of many memories and fun stories.  It is a place where families can connect and enjoy a moment in life.  We believe that creating a Family based Orchard within our farm will encourage others to bring their friends and family as well.  So bring all the company you can and enjoy Heagy’s Orchard.


     Heagy’s Orchard is located on the outskirts of Meadville, PA in Crawford Country – just minutes from I-79, Route 19, & Route 322.





Mission Statement

     Heagy’s Orchard commits to creating a healthy and faithful environment that is enjoyable to all of our guest.  We will achieve this by providing high-grade quality products with a medium-grade price.  We choose quality rather than quantity, while we consistently strive to meet all our visitors’ needs.

     Heagy’s Orchard will always be a family-oriented farm that encourages all ages to visit.  We will forever improve our farm to make the most enjoyable moments for you and your family.  We strongly believe that Heagy’s Orchard will exceed your expectations & create those family memories.

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