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Our peaches are our first crop we harvest!  Although we work with our crop all year-around, we begin harvesting them in the middle of August.  All of our peaches are freestone peaches.  Freestone peaches are popular, especially for home canning! Their pits can be removed by hand, making their ease of preparation much smoother.  Listed below are our current peach varieties in the order they are harvested.  Please note that our peaches are picked by us and ready-to-go when you arrive! They are typically picked right into 1/2 bushel cardboard boxes.  If you do not wish to pay the $3/a box, please bring a container to transfer your fruit.  

Quarts:  $5.00

Pecks: $23.00

1/2 Bushel: $30.00

Bushel: $60.00

Coral Stars
Flaming Fury


There is nothing in the world as delicious as a fresh picked peach from our orchard. At Heagy's Orchard, we have been growing peaches for over 10 years. With more than 5 varieties of peaches on over 24 acres, we offer pick-your-own peaches. Please be aware that not all varieties are available for pick-your-own and be sure to check our “Picking Guide” for peach picking tips!

Quarts:  $5.00

Pecks: $23.00

1/2 Bushel: $26.00

Bushel: $52.00

Pick your own peaches
Picking guide for peaches


Checking In
When you arrive at the orchard, check in at the salesroom to get information, containers, and picking varieties.

Half bushel boxes are available to purchase: $3.00/box

You may bring your own box as long as its standard size.

Non-standard sizes allowed:

 - Milk crates: 1/2 bushel

 - 5 Gallon buckets: 1/2 bushel

Where to Pick
We will tell you where to pick based on variety and best availability. Please only pick in designated areas given by the farmers.  Picki
ng areas are selected based on ripeness of the fruit,  quantity available, and/or recent application of spray.   When you are finished picking, you do not need to come back to the salesroom.

The Pick-Your-Own Experience
Pick-your-own peaches at Heagy's Orchard can be relaxing and a kid-friendly experience.

Please note, peaches contain a layer of fuzz which protects the delicate fruit from excessive moisture and premature rotting. You may want to bring hand wipes as peach fuzz can be itchy.

Thoroughly wash all fruit before eating.


  • Located at the top of the page will be what's available for picking! 

  • Peach picking is NOT like apple picking

    • You are not to pick every peach you see  -----> each peach ripens at different rates on the tree.

  • COLOR:  Look at the “background color,” rather than the “foreground” red color.  If the background is yellow instead of green, the peach will be a good one.  Many people judge ripeness by amount of red instead of by the background color, which can lead them to choose unripe fruit.

  • FIRMNESS:  Choose peaches that are still firm so that they will not bruise easily.  Most peaches will need to sit a couple of days to soften.

  • Pick peaches gently without allowing fingers to squeeze the fruit. Settle peaches into your picking basket very gently.  Once ripened, peaches are softer than most fruit, so they need some extra care when picking and handling.

  • CONTAINERS:  Cardboard boxes make the best containers for peaches.  Bags do not make good picking containers because the peaches on the bottom will get bruised.

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