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Asian Pears


Perhaps it's no surprise that Asian pears suffer an identity crisis. Are they apples or pears? Like apples, they ripen on the tree and have a crisp, firm texture, but they have juicy, white flesh with the flavor and fragrance of pears.


Within our orchard, we sell Asian pears.  Asian pears are deliciously sweet and low in acidity, and each variety has a distinctive bouquet. The fruits may be smooth and thin-skinned, in colors ranging from moonlight yellow, and yellow-green, to caramel, or they may be russeted shades of these.

Bartlett Pears

We also sell Bartlett pears.  The most popular domestic pear. Large, smooth, waxy yellow skin, sweet white flesh.  So, before long, you will be able to enjoy the fruit fresh, canned, spiced, in desserts, salads, pear butters and more.



$40.00 / Bushel

$20.00 / 1/2 Bushel

$ 12.00 / Peck

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